Ice Fishing Shelter

A good way to separate the men from the boys. I'll be a boy. It's cold.

An ice fishing shelter is different than an ice fishing house.

An ice fishing shelter is usually meant to be easily moved, while an ice fishing house is meant to be more or less permanent.

The key benefits of any ice fishing shelter are simply these two things:

  • Shelter from the wind
  • Keep heat inside

Some ice fishing shelters are nothing more than a tent with a hard floor. (And they actually work quite well!)

There are several other styles such as:

  • Flip-over style
  • Folding
  • ATV mounted
  • Homebuilt

Here are a few websites that teach you how to build your own ice fishing shelter:

Build your own Ice Fishing Shanty

How to Build a Portable Ice Fishing Shanty
Spearman's Shanty
Ice Shack Design

Ice Fishing Shelter Supplies:

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