Ice Fishing House

This house is not a home. It isn't. Seriously, it isn't. Your wife will attest to this.

There are several types of ice fishing houses, which differ from an ice fishing shelter.

An ice fishing house is usually defined as a permanent or semi-permanent house.

A permanent ice fishing house is usually one that is constructed on the ice or is hauled out on a trailer and then slowly lowered or slid onto the ice.

A semi-permanent ice fishing house is one that has it's own wheels which are cranked up, thus lowering the house to the ice.

Many ice fishing resorts feature a permanent or semi-permanent ice fishing house in their brochures. Some are so well equipped, you would forget you were on the ice!

They will sometimes even contain sleeping quarters and a kitchen. I've even seen them with generators and even satellite television.

Sometimes an ice fishing house will be moved to get 'on the fish'. Good idea! Ice fishing while not catching anything isn't necessarily all that fun, but it depends on the comforts in the house.

Granted the ice below you in the house is the temperature of the air, but with some of the nice floors in the house while on the ice, you don't care.

This winter I will be taking my first trip and spending the night on the ice...and sleeping in my ice fishing house!

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