Ice Fishing Articles

This is the page where you do your homework. After reading these, you can confidently brag that you know ice fishing. Well, sorta.

-Ice Fishing Vexilar, GPS, Polar Vision and Electronics

Building your own Ice Fishing Shanty - On a budget? Look no further than this article!

Bass Fishing Tactics -Learn about those finicky creatures from several Pro Fishermen.

Ice Fishing Heros -Teaching others about Ice Fishing can make you an Ice Fishing Hero!

Kidding Around With Perch -Catching those perch.

Ice Fishing Crappies -Several tips from lures to underwater cameras in this article.

Perch Fishing in the Brush -Contains tips from ice fishing professionals for perch and walleye fishing in the brush.

Ice Fishing Readiness -Tips and suggestions to make your first ice fishing trip worthwhile.

Ice Fishing Eel Pout -A large ice fishing festival in Walker, MN celebrating this freshwater cod.

Ice Fishing Tips -2 tips that will keep you from missing the catch.

Ice Fishing World-Feeding Frenzy!

Ice Fishing World-Get Organized

Ice Fishing World-Christmas Gifts

Mid-Winter Ice Fishing Blues

Ice Fishing with a 45

Ice fishing equipment and tackle can be purchased online here:

Ice Fishing Equipment