Shopping list

I've assembled a nice list of ice fishing items you you can purchase online. Each link will take you to a page describing the item, and some 'pros' and 'cons' with that item. This is solely based on my experience. If you have a suggestion for something I'm missing, or if I'm incorrect, let me know and I'll add it!

Ice Fishing Rods - Describes ice fishing rods and what you should look for when purchasing the main item you'll need on the ice. (Besides beer.)

Ice Fishing Reels - Micro spinning reels baby!

Ice Fishing Line - This is what you need to spend a bit extra money on.

Ice Fishing Bait - Your tips for getting the right bait for your fish.

The 5 gallon bucket to sit on - Yeah, it's old school, but it works.

Hand Warmers - The stuff that either makes or breaks the unity in any ice fishing trip.

Needle-nose Pliers - These help you hold your jig while retying your line.

Fishing License - Don't forget your fishing license.

Proper Identification - Don't waste time explaining to the game warden who you are!

Compass - Don't get lost in that blizzard!

Bobber stops with beads - 'Cause you are lazy. Like me.