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You will find information on ice fishing for the most common fish:

Top Ice Fishing Resorts and
Minnesota Resorts

Including other ice fishing resources:

Many colder states have websites that have ice fishing reports. Obviously, mostly during ice fishing season...

As the bite 'turns on' and 'turns off', typically ice fishermen will post their favorite lake and how the ice fishing is doing.

One often overlooked area is some of the smaller lakes and rivers. Here, ice fishing is usually under the least amount of pressure. If you search through the reports, you will usually find a certain lake that produces nice fish year to year. Minnesota is a great state for this.

Often this information is buried in the 'archives', but it's there!

Compare current dates to last year's dates when comparing ice fishing reports. Many times the  ice fishing is similar and the same pattern emerges.

Don't be afraid to experiment with different gear and techniques. And, of course, always be safe on the ice!

Stay on roads that the snow plows use and you'll be able to see the ice better.

Courtesy when ice fishing is appreciated by all ice fishermen. Clean up your area around your holes and we'll all be able to enjoy another day of ice fishing!

For some ice fishing reports visit these resources:

Minnesota Fishing
North Dakota Fishing

Here are some Minnesota Resorts for you to look at!

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